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Tutorial #4

Tutorial #4

Requested by a lot of you guys :)

Involves Selective Colouring. Made in PhotoShop CS2, but should work in other versions of PS.

I'm really sorry this has taken so long, but my new PhotoShop only arrived this morning :)

Ok, let's start. First I opened this brilliant texture by inxsomniax, and resized it to 700px by 350px.

Then I got some fanartz! 8D I went over to buttfacemakani's site; acciobrain, went to the 'General Art' section, and found a picture of Harry. Then I print-screened it.

See? Then I pasted it onto the texture and erased everything around it. You don't have to be too neat when you do this, especially if the background is white. Once I did that, I resized it and positioned it the way I liked.

Then I took the Magic Wand tool, selected the white around him, then used the eraser to get rid of it. Then I set that layer to Mulitply 100%.

Then I took the eraser again, and at about 25% opacity, I erased the parts of the texture over his pretty face. Just so he wouldn't look too grainy there :P Then I duplicated the Harry layer and set it to Screen 15% to brighten him up a little bit.
Then to get a bit of contrast, I duplicated the first Harry layer again, and set it to Soft Light 25%.

Next I made a Brightness/Contrast layer, because I wanted contrast on the banner as a whole;

Brightness: 0
Contrast: +10

By now it should look like this;

Time for the colouring! First, make a fill colour layer of #fff468 at Soft Light, 30% opacity.

Then a Selective Colour layer with these settings;

Reds: -100, +43, +100, +30
Yellows: -100, +13, +100, -8
Neutrals: +50, +22, -30, -14

Then I duplicated that SC layer and set the opacity to 20%. It doesn't make a lot of difference; I just love colours 8)
Then the last colouring step; Selective Colour again.

Reds: -100, -11, +100, 0
Yellows: +100, -3, -100, -14
Neutrals: -5, 0, -11, 0

Couple more steps now! Next, I set the opacity of that SC layer and set it to 90%. Then, I took this lovely texture by loveicon. I set it to Multiply, resized it and positioned it the way I liked.
Then I merged the Harry layers together. The best way to do this is to select the second from last Harry layer, then press ctrl and e together. Then do the same with the rest, always merging the one above the last layer. If that made no sense, then I'm sorry; it's kind of hard to explain!
Anyway, then I took the eraser and with a soft edged brush I rubbed out a line at the bottom of the image of Harry.

AND THERE WE GO! Jeez, that was hard. I should've saved a PSD. file, haha!

Anyway, I don't know if this will be helpful or not, as I can't think of any other images it could work on. I'm pretty sure it would make people look hideous, so I wouldn't recommend that :P
I think many were interested in just the colouring though, so I hope it helped in that sense :)

Remember to be creative and play around with this! You never know what you might come up with :D

And please ask if there's anything you don't understand; I'll always help if I can :)

Tags: !headers, !tutorial, films: harry potter
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